1921-1931: Transitional period

    The transitional period between two United Fruit dictators (Estrada Cabrera and Ubico) was marked with three presidents: Carlos Herrera y Luna, José María Orellana Pinto and Lázaro Chacón González. Military officers (except Herrera Luna who was a sugar businessman), those three presidents didn't make any drastic changes, although each one of them had his projects and views of the national economy and social life.

    The Economic crisis of 1929. was also present in Guatemala, a country dedicated to its exports. This period was marked also with coups, strange deaths, persecutions of political opponents, attacks on the free press, even with martial laws. Political fights between the Conservatives and Liberals marked this transition.

    Santa María power plant in 1930
    Plaza de armas, today Constitutional Squ...
    Model of Lake Amatitlan in Aurora ZOO
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