Adolfo Biener

    Adolfo Biener was a photographer and postcard publisher working in Guatemala from around 1915 until the 1930s. He is best known for his color cards and photographs. After taking an underdeveloped black and white image, he would hand-color a master copy, then print the colored photograph, giving a vivid colored image to these romantic photographs. Archaeological sites, earthquake ruins, and portraits predominate.

    Like his counterpart in Mexico, German-born Hugo Brehme, Adolfo Biener offered photo processing and photographic equipment and supplies from the United States and Germany. For some 35 years, Biener also published tourist postcards, along with booklets containing 12 postcards that could be detached and mailed individually.

    In the 1930s, a series of over 200 photo postcards published by Adolfo Biener & Cia promoted Guatemala's coffee industry. Some of the cards are marked with the initials A.R.W., implying that someone other than Biener took the photographs, with Biener having the rights to publish them. The titles on the front are in Spanish, while the promotional line on the back, "Guatemala produces the best coffee in the world," is printed in Spanish, English, and German.

    Adolfo Biener - Calvario
    Adolfo Biener - Reconstruction of the Ca...
    Adolfo Biener - Street in Escuintla
    Adolfo Biener - Relief map
    Adolfo Biener - Municipal palace in Anti...
    Adolfo Biener - Parque Centenario
    Adolfo Biener - Central park
    Adolfo Biener - Penitentiary building
    Adolfo Biener
    Adolfo Biener
    Adolfo Biener - Tipografia Nacional
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