Fernando Zaid

    Fernando Zaid was a photographer whose work was most prominent in the forties and fifties of the 20th Century. Although he liked to capture the everyday life in Guatemala, he also had access to political leaders of the time. Especially attractive are his photographs from the period of 1944 to 1954 known in Guatemala as "Ten years of spring". After the overthrow of dictator Jorge Ubico in the revolution of October 1944, Guatemala had 10 years of democracy and advance until the CIA-backed coup in 1954 known under the code name "PB Success".

    Airport in Puerto Barrios 1953
    Presidential balcony view 1945
    Castillo Armas in June 1954
    Guatemala City center in 1958
    Guatemala City in 1953
    Strike of pains in 1945
    "Strike of the pains" or students manife...
    President Juan Jose Arevalo 1945
    Presidential palace in 1953
    Presidential palace in 1953
    National police building in 1945
    Panajachel, Solola 1945
    Panajachel, Solola 1945
    Quetzaltenango, central square in 1945
    Aerial photo of Guatemala City in 1953
    Reformer tower in 1945
    Before Castillo Armas entered Zacapa in ...
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